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EasyCheck Upper Coupler

~ Easy to Inspect
~ Safer & Longer Lasting
~ Improved Return on Your Investment

What’s so important about an Upper Coupler?

The Upper Coupler (sometimes called the king pin plate, skid plate, pickup plate, upper fifth wheel, or fifth wheel plate) is like no other part on your tractor trailer. The Upper Coupler includes the king pin and is THE CONNECTION between your truck and your load.  No other part plays such an important role in safely connecting  you and your trailer – and keeping you connected.  

And while a lot of truck parts get worked hard,  virtually no other truck or trailer part takes the abuse and endures the constant pressure and extreme conditions as the Upper Coupler!  

Are you sure your coupler is up to the challenge?   What about corrosion?

Corrosion with standard couplers

The industry standard upper coupler – oftentimes used on new trailers as well as coupler replacements – is the same basic  framework as it has been for decades.  That can be good.  You know exactly what you are getting and it is predictable.

However, the industry standard coupler is very susceptible to internal corrosion – corrosion that occurs from “the inside out”.   The standard coupler traps and retains road de-icing treatments (such as salt and magnesium chloride), moisture and all kinds of road debris accelerating the corrosion process as well as adding unwanted weight to your trailer.  Exposure to sea air simply increases this deterioration. Corrosion and metal fatigue not only limit the useful life of an upper coupler but create a real safety hazard as the metal deteriorates.

All corrosion, but particularly internal corrosion, presents a real challenge for your maintenance team in determining exactly when the upper coupler needs replacement.

After all, how much corrosion is too much?  How sure are you that it will safely last until its next inspection?

Common Causes of Corrosion

  • Salt & magnesium chloride for treating road surfaces

  • Sea air

  • Moisture from rain, snow & ice

  • Grime & road debris

“Hit the coupler with that hammer again! …  I’m not sure – was that a ping or a thud? “

All too often, the whack of a hammer, putting a straight edge against the coupler frame, straining to find nearly invisible cracks concealed under layers of grease and grime are the primary ways being used to check out the safety of an upper coupler and that only works for the visible sections.

Is that really how we should judge an upper coupler’s condition and ensure the safety of our drivers, trucks and trailers on the road?

All of this leaves just too much doubt.  And doubt and indecision have no place in the maintenance of such a critical safety component!

What if it’s your family following behind that trailer?

The EasyCheck Difference

Ease of Inspection

EasyCheck is quick and easy to use – providing you with trustworthy inspection results.   It is like having “eyes inside” the coupler to “see”  what can’t be seen from the outside.

Corrosion Control

One-of-a-kind corrosion control features – unique to the EasyCheck Upper Coupler.  Encapsulated design keeps corrosives out and internal fluid reduces internal condensation.

"Take the Doubt Out"

EasyCheck provides a “clear cut” decision for your maintenance team.  A failure to pass the air test indicates the coupler needs replacing. “Take the doubt out” with EasyCheck.

Longer Lasting

With corrosion control, rugged design and solid weld construction, you get a longer lasting upper coupler.

Safety & Peace of Mind

Owners and drivers have peace of mind by knowing they have a safer trailer connection!

Improved ROI

Improve your return on investment with lower maintenance costs and an extended life - adding to your bottom line.

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Isn’t it time for you to have an EasyCheck?

In designing the EasyCheck Coupler, we took the industry standard coupler and made it better!

  1. EasyCheck uses a stronger, continuous seam weld whereas most standard couplers use an intermittent stitch weld.
  2. EasyCheck adds a solid weld encapsulation, further strengthening the framework of the coupler.
  3. Our solid weld encapsulation  protects the inner structure of the coupler from external corrosives, debris,  and the elements.
  4. EasyCheck uses only high quality Grade 80 steel in building the EasyCheck Coupler rather than the grade 50 steel many others use.
  5. And to further insure your safety, we use only the highest quality Jost kingpins in our EasyCheck couplers.
  6. EasyCheck’s Encapsulation Test System, our patented, air-tight encapsulation system,  allows you to test the upper coupler with air pressure.  By adding a mere 15 lbs of air pressure to the coupler, simply check the valve to ensure the coupler is airtight. The familiar sound of air pressure being released assures you of the coupler’s integrity.  No more guesswork, no more hitting the coupler with a hammer, and no more expensive change outs of the coupler because you just aren’t sure. “Take the doubt out”  with EasyCheck.   An easy to perform pressure test gives you the answer you need.

It’s that E-A-S-Y.

EasyCheck Coupler:  Easy to Inspect, Corrosion Control, Rugged Durability, and improved ROI – for your Safety and your Peace of Mind!

Don’t just take our word for it…

This is what others are saying about us

Shorty Whittington

“I am always interested in making our equipment safer and I am quite pleased to see innovation with such a critical component of the trailer design.”

Shorty Whittington Former American Trucking Associations Chairman and President of Grammer Industries
-Montford L. Switzer

“The minute I saw the encapsulated upper coupler I realized it was the answer to an ongoing problem tank carriers have been experiencing with these devices for years. This new upper coupler design eliminates deterioration in hard-to-inspect areas and provides for a labor saving method of checking for upper coupler integrity. The fluid reservoir design automatically requires superior material and weld specifications. We have added these upper couplers to our new tank specifications and plan to use them to replace failed upper couplers.”

-Montford L. SwitzerSwitzer Transportation

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EasyCheck Upper Coupler is patent protected under U.S. Patents 8,465,042 & 8,662,521 and Canadian Patent 2,758,009.